Monday, May 14, 2012

The Almighty Johnsons

Hello World!

So, I have joined the ranks of Fangirls, and for my first number, I would like to draw your attention to the New Zealand TV Show "The Almighty Johnsons".

Here's the official run down:
"A comedy-drama series about four brothers, raised in heartland New Zealand, who also happen to be the living incarnations of Norse Gods. They even have their own super-God-powers. Sort of - it's just that their powers aren't actually all that powerful. Well, not yet - but that could all change soon"

And to simplify things, there is the trailer for season one:

The first thing you will most likely notice is the Kiwi accent. Many Kiwis still cringe when we hear our own accent on television. I'm learning to get over it. Yes, some of the acting may leave a bit to be desired, too, but on the whole, it works.

The fact is, this show is all tongue-in-cheek.

Notice first off ... Norse gods living in Norsewood, New Zealand. I mean, why?

But, this is TV, so, does it matter? No, not really. It just is, and that's fine.

My favourite sign of the comedic factor right off the bat: Jared Turner cast as Hod, the God of all things Dark and Cold. Now, I realize you lot who aren't from this wonderful land known fondly as Aotearoa won't get what I'm talking about, but let me explain. You see, since well before "The Almighty Johnsons" TV show came on air, Jared has been doing advertisements for Energywise, a website that teaches us Kiwis how to save energy (fuel, power) by doing things like buying the right car or washing machine and (and here's the kicker) insulating our homes and ensuring they are heated efficiently. See? He advertises "keeping warm" and then goes and plays a god of all things dark and cold (and a fridge repair man) ... well, I thought it was funny. Don't bring me down, dude. I'm easily entertained, OK?

I also love Grandpa. There are four brothers, and Grandpa, who just happens to be eternally youthful (which is why he looks younger than the oldest of the brothers). He's rather attractive, and an airhead (just what you need in an Oracle).

The show is now on it's second season here in Kiwiland, and I must say, it's going strong. Axl has had to endure being turned into a girl (and his first, and probably only, lesbian experience), saving his best friend's life several times, almost dying, his best friend/flatmate losing his virginity (believe me, that was a difficult one), and just this last week the Norse gods came across some Maori gods, and Axl's other flatmate, Gaia (who he rather fancies and is played by Keisha Castle-Hughes) just might be an extremely important goddess to both groups of gods ... only, she can't be both, so there's going to have to be some choosing going on ... or, she's just going to turn out to be one or other of the goddesses that the two groups believe she is ... or, she could turn out to be someone else entirely spoiling plans for both sides.

Anyhoo, my apologies that this show doesn't seem to be readily available to the rest of the world. The first season can be purchased via MightyApe, but I imagine that if this show makes it out of New Zealand it will be remade elsewhere, as I understand may be the plan for "Outrageous Fortune" (a most excellent, excellent NZ TV show, now finished) and you guys won't see it in it's full glory, unless you buy the Kiwi version.

Anyway, there goes my first, if irrelevant to most of you, contribution to the Fangirls blog. I hope you'll bear with me and I settle in around here.

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  1. sounds like it has the same tone as Doctor Who, which isn't afraid to get a bit out there with the cheeky.