Thursday, October 4, 2012

It's some Bad Code (Person of Interest)

"Bad Code" (202)
The search for Finch and ROOT takes Reese and Carter to Texas to search for clues about a cold case involving the disappearance of a young girl. 
Original Air Date Oct 4, 2012

 Reese, Fusco and Carter meet at a dinner where Carter brings Reese a report on the 1991 disappearance of Hanna Frey. Reese believes that ROOT is Hanna. Reese and Carter are going to check it out while Fusco tries to find out who is making amuck of the investigation of Corwin's death. That someone, unknown to him, is the head of their department (?) who is in contact with a mystery man who mentions a third man, Denton Weeks (the guy ROOT attacked at the end of the previous episode).

In Texas, Carter's attempt to get a look at the case file is a dud but Reese manages a little social engineering and gets the file (old habits die hard. LOL). As they retrace the investigation we get a handful of flashbacks about that night when Hanna disappeared after hanging out at the library at the same time as several other kids including best friend Sam (the one who called 911) and a teenage boy who is to this day accused of being a part of the kidnapping. They find several clues that appear to indicate that Hanna is still alive, including bank accounts, book purchases etc. But ultimately they track down the car seen that night and discover that Hanna was in fact taken and murdered by one of the men of the town and buried in the man's own backyard under a patio put in just after the disappearance. ROOT in fact is Sam, the odd best friend who wasn't believed when she told the librarian (who was in love with the guilty man) what she saw.

Back in Maryland, ROOT has taken Weeks hostage and is trying to use him to get access to The Machine. She uses torture to try to break him down, or to break down Finch and get him to talk to spare the other man. Eventually Finch does persuade her to stop the torture and when she's out of the room helps Weeks get a hold of a knife which he uses to cut himself free before attacking ROOT. After knocking her out, Weeks turns on Finch. Assured that no one can access The Machine without being on site, Weeks tries to kill Finch only to have ROOT stop him. ROOT prepares to take Finch with her on the trail of where The Machine was taken but not before Finch leaves Reese a clue to follow them. Reese manages to save Finch at a nearby train station but ROOT gets away.

Under the direction of Jon Cassar this is another fine episode. I give them points for spreading this out a bit and even for letting ROOT get away. There's still more to the mystery of how exactly she found out about the Machine for a later tale and Acker's Root is just too delish a devil to be done with her just yet. Something tells me that she'll be an ongoing villain for the season. And she's so delightfully creepy that such a story line will be awesome. And a great follow up to the season one thread of Carter first hunting and then helping Reese and of course the ongoing CIA etc search for Reese.

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