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Resurrection (Revenge)

"Resurrection" (202)
Air Date: Oct 7, 2012

Flashback to Amanda, perhaps 6 years old, driving somewhere with her mother. Only to have Mom morph into Victoria, revealing the flashback was actually a dream. A dream that gets Nolan almost chocked to death when he makes the mistake of trying to wake Emily up. 

Emily vows to get Charlotte out of the rehab center and calls Daniel to tip him off to her doctor's history of foul games. In the midst of this, Daniel is reviewing the company's numbers despite Ashley trying to distract him. Her lovey dovey games are actually games, set up by Conrad who is using Ashley to try to keep Daniel under control. Daniel is too late to stop Conrad's move to have Charlotte declared incompetent or to steal her money. But he does strong arm the doctor into releasing Charlotte who asks Emily (who arrives just in time) to drive her to her mother at the Cabin. 

At the cabin, Victoria (who has made a bargain with Mr White Hair to obtain a pair of fake passports for them to flee) pushes Charlotte away saying the whole thing was a ploy to get Charlotte's money. Victoria is also in a hard spot because she can't pay him and as Mr White  Hair reminds her, Victoria is already dead so she'd be easy to make disappear. 

Declan finds himself in a pinch because he has to help at the bar even after a classmate makes a seemingly sincere invite to join in a beach trip. Declan lashes out at Jack over the issue of Amanda and the baby, especially when it seems that Jack might disregard the test results and help the baby due to his affection for Amanda, past and present. Declan recants when the results come in saying Jack is the father. Results Amanda believes are false and fixed by Emily (but in fact are true). 

Daniel, guilty over his inability to stop Conrad from taking Charlotte's money, puts the house and his half of their mother's money in a trust for Charlotte, one that Conrad can't touch. 

But before anything further can happen, it's revealed that Victoria was in fact kidnapped on the way to the plane by a man with 'shocking white hair' and has been held captive for the last 2 months in a remote cabin while the man ransomed her for so much money that it almost bankrupted Conrad and the company. Or so Victoria and Conrad claim. Truth is that Victoria called Conrad and confessed that she faked her death and needing to get back in the public light to protect her life from Mr White Hair, convinces Conrad to go along with a plot to beat her up, etc and fake the whole thing. Mr White Hair, fleeing the scene as Conrad and the police arrive, spots the camera and correctly guesses that Emily was behind it. He calls Emily and she agrees to giving him a recording of the whole thing in exchange for information about her own mother. He tells her that he went with Victoria posing as a Federal agent to take Mama Clarke out of the hospital so she couldn't testify against the conspiracy. He admits that he was supposed to have killed her but he doesn't always follow orders. But instead of telling Emily the truth, he tries to kill her. Only to be shot by Tanaka's mystery right hand man who has been watching Emily since her return. 

Dark and twisted as always. One question that comes to mind is this "Initiative" that is mentioned by Mr White Hair. Is this merely the group behind the terrorism from the past that was laid on David Clarke or is there a bigger picture. Where is Mrs Clarke and what was the whole timeline to her illness etc. Right now it seems like David Clarke was perhaps something of a cad in regards to his wife. That he might have put her in the hospital against her will, keeping her from her daughter etc. Some of this may have already been answered last season, meaning a review could be in order (like I need an excuse to watch this show over and over) and some might be answered in the future should it be revealed that Mr White Hair did not receive a fatal gun shot after all. Or if he did, perhaps Emily tracks down his real identity and finds some information he kept for his own protection. And what did happen to the money that Conrad needed to replace with Charlotte or Daniel's inheritance. Not to mention, is there something more than just grad student eagerness behind the chippy girl at Nolcorp. And what twisted game as Declan gotten sucked into and could it ultimately led to his death. 

There are many shows out there, several on ABC itself, vying for the role of 'the next Lost' and Revenge seems to have won that award at least in terms of questions leading to more questions and a need to watch it over and over, often from the very beginning, to feel like one has even an inkling of what's going on. And I'm enjoying that fact immensely. 

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