Monday, September 24, 2007

Chuck "Pilot" (101)

“Pilot” (Ep 101)
Chuck Bartowski is the stereotypical computer geek until a database of government files gets implanted in his brain.
Original Air Date: Monday, September 24, 2007

From the guys that brought us Christmakuh and the Angels comes a new superhero. Okay not exactly. Chuck is like the anti-superhero. He’s the Everyman  cover id with no hero to protect. And he’s irresistible.

Chuck is a guy that basically hasn’t grown up. He lives with his sister, works retail, can’t manage to get over his ex or talk to a new girl, and plays video games obsessively. On his 25th birthday, Chuck gets an email from the ex friend who got Chuck tossed out of school.  Bryce, who is a bonafide super spy of the Sydney Bristow School, sends Chuck a freaky photo message. When Chuck opens the message the collective secrets of both the CIA and NSA are implanted in Chuck’s brain like a massive bluetooth sync.

This of course leads to a break in, a kidnapping attempt and more fun than Chuck can handle,  a detail he’s more than willing to admit. Eventually Chuck is approached by not one but two secret agents, both of whom want to know exactly what he knows. Fun part  is Chuck doesn’t know what he knows. The information is locked in his head until an image, sound or word triggers a ‘flash’.

In the end, Chuck is forced into a partnership with the two agents, using his database of Intel to help them do their thing. 

To a great deal,  Chuck is a parody of spy shows, rather like Scream was to horror films. But mostly it is funny as Hell. Zach is perfect as Chuck and his Scooby Gang is Aces. Best Buddy Morgan, with a not so secret crush on Chuck’s sister, is a lovable loser. CIA Sarah is appropriately hot. And Adam Baldwin might be a one note wonder but the note rings true as NSA thug Casey. 

Short version.  I’m tuning in next week fo’ su’.

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  7. See the World” Gomez
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