Monday, April 12, 2010

Nurse Jackie "Apple Bong" (204)

Nurse Jackie
“Apple Bong” (Ep 204)
Jackie asks Eddie to stop spending time with Kevin.
Original Air Date: Monday, April 12, 2010

Jackie kicks off the day in Bitchy Nurse mode when she nails Eddie for acting like a psycho stalker. And while he’s right that she was being greedy, let's face it he is acting like a freak. The typical guy would flip her the bird and move on. He wouldn’t keep paging her for 3 months, wouldn’t fake a suicide attempt and wouldn’t start up a bromance with her husband. And then there’s ruining adult date night with a devilish gleam in his eye. So much for the sweet guy we had last season. Then again, Karma has a sick sense of humor and this could be Jackie’s payback for her greed. I just hope that Kevin and/or the girls don’t get hurt in this game. 

Sam has become the new chatty nurse, annoying even Zoe (yeah I know crazy right). In the midst of this, a woman rushes in with her son of perhaps 4 who has stopped breathing. Zoe takes the boy, telling Sam page O’Hara. Then when the boy starts turning blue, Zoe steps up and intubates him. And my rant turns on. I get that this show is not reality tv but come on, this is a bit out there. First off, this is supposed to be a trauma center, emergency room or whatever you want to call it. I can handle that mostly it’s been more like urgent care cases with a real trauma every 3 episodes or so leaving lots of time for lovely character moments. But still, there’s not a single doctor actually on duty in the center. There’s not someone to rush in on the spot. And even if they had played it as the doc on duty was with a patient, why on Earth would the apparently more experienced Thor let the nursing student do it and not step up himself. Perhaps I’ve been spoiled by too many ER and House episodes but this story line pretty much failed me. A first so far and I truly hope a last. 

But on the plus side, it’s nice to see that the focus isn’t always about Jackie. She’s fun but come on, there’s more than her going on here. Let the other kids have a moment or two. A focused Zoe is a force to admire. Not unlike a certain goofy doc. Everyone banning together to keep their mouths shut since nothing bad happened was nice. And O’Hara’s quiet touch with the flowers was a rare moment.

Then there’s that ‘getting the job done’. Jackie scolds Zoe about doing the intubation, although gently compared to the usual. But then goes off and recommends that a chemo patient try using pot to deal with his gut wrenching (literally) nausea and vomiting. In a state that doesn’t allow medical marijuana. And goes toe to toe with Coop for calling her  on the whole thing (points to the doc for holding his tongue in front of the patient). Akilitus basically backs Coop (behind his back) on the inappropriateness. Not that it stops Jackie from recruiting EMT Lenny for a test drive and a dealer contact. Hypocritical much? Survey says yes. And then lets toss some brownie baking into the mix (perhaps Jackie should try eating a couple of those goodies herself might do her some good). Course we know she is no saint so it fits. 

On other notes, Sam is a sex addict. Of course, it couldn’t be enough that he’s ‘a bit of an anglophile’. We don’t do things half way at All Saints. Shagging in the chapel is a tad ewww. But the whole Thor “I could be your workplace sponsor” then 180 was a snicker moment. It’s hard to tell if he was jealous cause the newbie got a doc and he hasn’t or betrayed cause he was hoping Sam is gay. Who cares at this point, it was still funny. 

Okay and another rant, Lenny hippie hair paramedic guy standing around to chat all the time and driving a rig alone. Really, I doubt it. Again it’s taking artistic license a bit far for me. That said,  his attempts at trying to flirt with Zoe are amusing in their own way. A less obnoxious version of Coop and Jackie, but as clueless. 

This one gets a C. If it bounces back the average could still be an A for the season


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