Monday, March 22, 2010

Nurse Jackie "Comfort Food" (201)

Nurse Jackie
“Comfort Food” (Ep 201)
Chaos reigns as Jackie deals with her break up with Eddie, a new nurse and an insurance company
Original Air Date: Monday, March 22, 2010

It’s a beautiful day on the beach. Jackie is lounging on a beach towel with Kevin, the girls are gathering (and in Grace’s case washing) shells. Life is good. 

But of course this is Jackie and all good things come to an end. And a messy one at that. 

For starters, Coop is still under the impression that there’s something there. Jackie corrects him but still keeps her married status a secret. Private life private is one thing but this would stop him dead in his tracks and make total sense given that he knows about her child. Why Jackie just doesn’t come out makes no sense. 

Meanwhile, Sam the druggie nurse is back, this time replacing Momo (who apparently left for a better paying gig). Jackie is not happy and things get even more tense when Sam drops more ‘You are a druggie too’ comments to Jackie, who of course strongly denies. 

Coops files a formal complaint with Akalitus after Jackie snaps at him for yelling at Thor during a trauma. When Jackie points out the obvious clue of Thor’s diabetic med bracelet, Coop in form apologizes and gives the big guy a hug, something Thor doesn’t mind in the least (guess Momo wasn’t the only wolf watching Coop. LOL). 

Thor isn’t off the hook however and gets a private dress down from Jackie, who understands all too well about the notion of comfort food. That turns out to be very very true when Eddie is brought in after an overdose and admits that it was all a move to get Jackie to talk to him (something she hasn’t done for the last 3 months). Upset, Jackie leaves work before finding out that she was successful in getting the insurance coverage for a deaf woman’s finger replacement surgery, picking up cake for dinner much to the delight of her girls. 

The joy of this show is in the total absurdity. O’Hara’s over the top delight at a photo of a dead racoon’s head, Coop’s inflated need to appear confident and smart and his utter cluelessness about Jackie, even Akalitus and her anal retentive command of everything in her domain. It all just adds to the nuttiness. In the end, this show is really illogical and over the top. But that’s the joy. It’s a little 22 minute dose of TV comfort food.


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