Monday, April 5, 2010

Nurse Jackie "Candyland" (203)

Nurse Jackie
“Candyland” (Ep 203) 
Jackie and Kevin refuse financial help from O’Hara. Meanwhile Eddie and Kevin’s friendship is revealed.
Original Air Date: Monday, April 5, 2010

Jackie comes home to Grace having a playdate with Katelyn. Jackie isn't 'thrilled' but doesn't really have a choice since Grace has no other friends. Katelyn catches Jackie dosing up in the basement which leads to some creative lying. Followed by the arrival of Katelyn’s mother and more awkward when Grace has a moment of typical Graceness and Jackie feels the need to back her up against Katelyn and Mom’s digs. 

Coop makes an out of the way grocery trip just to check up on Eddie. And at the same time brag about his placement on a list of the City’s top doctors. Another awkward moment with Coop being Coop with his quirkiness, his twitters and Eddie trying to scope out if Jackie said anything about ‘the incident’. Coop is in his usual hyper and yet almost endearing freak form. He’s just like the dog you yell at for yapping too much and then feel bad cause he snuggles up and gives you ‘the eyes’.

It does lead to a hoot of a moment when Coop pulls a walk by drop off of ‘the List’ on Jackie and O’Hara, who are shocked to see his name on the list. Another moment of Coop’s good doctor spinning their world out of balance. 

But before we brush off Coop’s doctor skills completely, enter a man mauled while giving a show dog CPR (I know, probably not a good move but ...). Jackie can’t resist a dig on Coop’s love of big words (another point for the scoreboard please). A hit back is squashed when it is discovered that in addition to a totally torn up face, our victim’s privates, how shall we say, headed to higher ground for protection. A not common reaction typically seen in animals. I bet that’s one that a certain pale faced brother of a much older mother  hasn’t seen in the land of lost hikers and bike crashes. Then again, irritable grizzlies, so who knows. Coop does jump in when Jackie starts giving orders “I get to say that” oh Coop. 

Another moment of odd when Jackie chews out Sam for suggesting to Coop’s face that he paid to get on the list. Maybe Jackie does still believe that there’s potential buried (way) deep in Coop. At least enough to want folks to treat him with some professional respect (fear of a return of nervous tit grabby Coop perhaps. Me thinks so). Sam is appropriately shocked that Jackie is dressing him down, perhaps because it seems obvious that Jackie has little love or patience for the odd doc. Another point on which Sam and Jackie are (in his mind) kindred spirits. Perhaps Jackie’s distaste for holier than thou (and very perceptive) Sam is greater than her dislike of the socially retarted Coop. 

Oh and while we are talking about folks that try too hard, Zoe is making a play for the list with new attempts at zany quips, some eye liner and yes perfume. Who exactly is she trying to look so pretty for. Seems like overkill for work. But it does lead to a cute moment when O’Hara deduces that Zoe is trying to attract someone (actually at a party after work) and gives her a little style advice.

Speaking of O’Hara. That list is a real bug up her butt. She really can’t stand the idea that freaky Coop could be, or be perceived as, a good doctor. A little heart to heart with Akilitus more or less sets her straight (sure hope Coop isn’t in that top five)

Toss in a bit of hypocrisy with stoner Jackie yanking a baby from a breast feeding alcoholic mother. And a great ‘oh shit’ moment when Jackie comes home to discover that Eddie is the last minute babysitter Kevin called and it’s a typical day in the neighborhood.


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