Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Lost "The Package" (610)

“The Package” (Ep 610)
Sun and Jin continue their search for each other.
Original Air Date: Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Things are moving merrily along in our tale. 

LA Time sees Jin getting released from Customs but sans the money. As previously guessed it was for the man at the restaurant. The man that was also supposed to get the watch. Sun and Jin go to their swanky hotel where they, being not married, have separate rooms. Turns out they are lovers (who knew a button could be so ‘interesting’) and Sun reveals to Jin that she’s got a secret stash of money in a US account and wants to run away with him. She’s got something else to tell him (that she knows English?) but before she finishes Keamy and his men turn up, eventually bringing in the Russian (Mikhail with both eyes) to translate. Mikhail goes with Sun to get the money while Jin is locked up at the restaurant. Things get bad however when Keamy reveals to the not understanding Jin that the money was payment for Keamy killing Jin who Daddy knows is shagging his sweet princess. Oops. And then things get even worse when the account is empty. Jin hears Sayid’s gun fight from his frig prison and then gets into one of his own after being freed by Sayid, killing Mikhail with a bullet through the eye (ouch). But Sun gets an unlucky gut shot in the fight and reveals she’s preggers as Jin carries her out to get help. 

Back in Island Time, Locke goes to the Hydra and has a chat with Charles, while Team Rich Brit attacks the camp and kidnaps Jin, hoping he can lead them to the energy pockets he mapped during his Dharma days. Locke also has a chat with Sun who refuses to go merrily with him because, as she tells Jack, she doesn’t trust Locke. Locke also tips off Claire that he needs Kate to help  him gather the people he needs to get off the island, but once he’s got them, he doesn’t care what happens to Kate (making one wonder if Claire really is sorry about attacking Kate, hmm). Richard returns to Team Beach with plans to destroy the plane, but Jack promises Sun that she and Jin will get on the plane and off the island. 

Pretty straight forward stuff really. We find out that Charles knows that Locke isn’t really Locke and that this new Locke (who Charles knows from myths and ghost stories) getting off the island would be very bad. How and why who knows. So Charles might now be a good guy. Or at least not a totally bad guy. Another how and why we have no answers for. Sun and Jin are totally in love in both timelines (sweet) and in a weird twist now Sun is the one that doesn’t speak English (but does understand and can write it?) while Jin is total communication guy. 

Oh and there’s two packages. The locked room had the other one. Desmond. Guess Hawking was right. Dang it.



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