Monday, April 19, 2010

Nurse Jackie "Caregiver" (205)

Nurse Jackie
“Caregiver” (Ep 205)
A security guard complicates Jackie’s life and O’Hara has a secret exposed
Original Air Date: Monday, April 19, 2010

The patient quota is low this time with two major notes. One is an illegal alien injured on the job and found with an unlicensed gun. In a moment of empathy, Jackie helps him ditch the cops, sans the fire arm. Her way of proving to him that some people do care, even about an illegal. Helps that he doesn't seem like a bad guy. He was just trying to protect himself and his stuff. 

Patient number two is an elderly woman whose 24 hour caregiver has been pocketing the money and disappearing. Which of course means that Jackie is going to get up in someone's face. Always a good time. In it's own way. In this case it means siccing the police on her for elder neglect and fraud, 

On the plus side, a lack of exciting patients means more time to enjoy the quirks and foibles of our little crew. 

We find out that O'Hara knows this hot shot tv journalist, Sarah Khouri (and by 'know' I mean has dated). 

Thor takes a moment to whine about how unglamorous being a diabetic is and Zoe and Sam try to cheer him up with a game of 'name that awesome celebrity diabetic' (Halle Berry being the prime choice). He does step up to the sweet when it turns out that the elderly patient is an ex hair artist for Broadway. Even if he does lie about being an understudy. 

And Coop, or at least his face, is pimped out to attract an insured clientele. Which actually clears up something that was bugging me last week. I said it felt more like the hospital was an urgent care with the occasional actual trauma and indeed that’s what it has become. And Akalitus isn’t happy. 

She also isn’t happy about the ongoing drug issue and puts a guard in the pharmacy room. Too bad she didn’t find one that can actually do his job, given that Jackie pulls a swipe right under the guy’s nose. 

But the really big fun is that it’s relationship day at All Saints and everyone’s in on the fun. Let’s check the scoreboard.

Zoe is still sorting out her pregnancy scare, which is not due to any fun with Mr Munchies the EMT. He yet again gets the diss despite a very sweet and friendly offer to ‘step up’. Poor guy.

Coop mistakenly thinks Akalitus is coming into him, revealing his openness to older women (that explains Jackie) and his age (35). Unlike Jackie who still hasn’t revealed she’s married, Akalitus is smart enough to politely set him straight. 

O’Hara finds herself in a jam when Sam won’t stop trying for a round two. Fortunately he calls things off when his girlfriend comes back to town. And speaking of girlfriends, that line wasn’t a joke. O’Hara really does go both ways. And the other side is a tv news celeb that is moving from overseas to DC. 

Then there’s Jackie. First she gets peeved at Kevin for going to the movies without her but with Ginny Flynn and daughter Katelyn the pill. Then Kevin brushes off Jackie's suggestion that Ginny is trying to replace her soon to be ex husband with her old boyfriend. Which leads Jackie sleeping on the couch, probably not the best move for someone with chronic back trouble but her ego, not her common sense, is leading the way on this one. No surprise that Grace jumps on the notion that Mommy sleeping on the couch is a sign of trouble. After making up with Kevin about the movie fight via the phone, Jackie ends up calling Eddie to suggest they talk which leads them to a movie night date and Jackie right back into the relationship danger zone. 

The train wreck continues right on schedule. And I of course simply must stop and look.


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