Friday, May 28, 2010

Fall Show Preview: Hellcats (CW)

Take a smart girl from a poor family and put her at a nice college on a scholarship and you just know something is going to go wrong. It’s basically the first law of the universe. Make that girl totally disdainful of cheerleaders as half dressed airheads and the second law tells us that cheerleading will be the only way to her out of her mess. 
And thus we have Marti, who finds out a week before she’s going to be kicked out for not paying her tuition that this nice school cut her scholarship (who really cares why). And funny enough the hated cheerleading squad has an opening that just happens to include a scholarship. Which is double amusing because one presumes that they aren’t yanking money away from the girl that got hurt cause that would be tacky. So they seem to keep some reserve money for emergencies somewhere. Uh okay.
Add to this that Marti can’t seem to pull off the lame moves in the standard routines but then goes all Bring It On with some fly hip hop grooves and some serious tumbling skills, which land her on the squad and win her the admiration of the team captain, who she snarked in the extreme only a few days before. 
Yeah. Totally doesn’t make sense. But it’s a comedy so like who cares. It’s hip, it’s fly, we’ve got cool moves, some ‘yes cheerleading is a sport’ pride speeches (which granted it is) and a fun little love quadrangle between Marti, a team member, his ex (the hurt girl) and Marti’s best friend Dan who is also apparently not a richie rich type and until laws one and two kicked in, Marti’s co hater of all things cheer. 

Hellcats is typical cheeseball CW fare. And to make it more CW worthy, it was created by the network's own superboy Tom Welling. Which may or may not be a good thing for the network or Mr Welling's future producing aspirations. However, if this little peek is a  sign of things to come, this show will forever  be on my snark list. Go Team!

Watch the Preview for yourself, if you dare.

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