Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Criminal Minds "A Thousand Words" (520)

Criminal Minds
“A Thousand Words” (Ep 520)
The team travels to Tallahassee to profile a tattooed serial killer after he commits suicide, but left clues to the location of one remaining victim who is possibly still alive.
Original Air Date: Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Our tale begins one random night when 911 gets a call about a body in a warehouse. The body ends up being the caller who blows his own head off while the dispatcher is listening. When the state police arrive at the scene they find a bizarrely tattooed man and a wall of news clippings about a decade’s worth of kidnapping/murders, the last of which is a local girl who disappeared and has not yet been found. Hoping this is a sign she is still alive, they call the FBI for help. 

Arriving on scene, the team deduces that the man very recently set up his odd confessional (for reasons not yet uncovered) and that he is doing it to protect someone, a partner. Who is later determined to be a woman, then a pregnant one, and tracked down. But not before the woman has a traumatic child birth in the company of the kidnap victim who is left chained and trying to care for the newborn after Mama bleeds out and dies. 

All in all, this episode rather disappointed me. It had moments that were amusing but it felt a bit like it was written by someone that was new to the show. Reid’s quip about having no plans for the weekend felt too loser for this blooming rose. At this point it should have been painted in a light that is more positive, like it was a weekend for ‘me’ time rather than a loser with no life. While it was nice to see the division of labor didn't automatically put Reid on book duty (owing to his Speedy Gonzales skills and prodigious recall) and the quippy ‘you two owe me’ exchange when Prentiss and Morgan convince him to change tasks was amusing, his “I almost missed it but caught it” is not Spencer Reid. He wouldn’t miss it. That’s kind of the point of why he always does the reading work. Reid would catch it and call out “Hey I have something here.” or even “I know why”  then enlighten them to the telling “we”. And then there was the whole bit with the local cop and his arranging to interview the sex offender. It felt way too convenient that he happened to call the guy and arrange for him to come in etc. Plus how the heck could the guy be a registered sex offender and Garcia didn’t find that or even look. She’s way better than that. And speaking of Garcia, did Rossi call her kitten? I know everyone is rather casual and hip with the nicknames but for the boss to call a female something like that seems a bit over the top. And Rossi is not the top to break the rules, especially that much. 

This was definitely a B minus for me. But hey every one is allowed a bad day. At least Reid is off the cane (although I kind of liked it) and no one had to get shot, stabbed, beaten up. Especially poor Reid.


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