Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Apple Releases Final Cut Pro X and Studio Apps

Anyone that knows me know that the Fan Girl is a gadget geek. And a photographer and a videographer. So I was excited to see April's preview of the new Final Cut Pro. FCPX was rewritten from the ground up to take advantage of the 64 bit architecture in Snow Leopard along with things like Grand Central etc. Today the new software was released.

Now I know that a lot of folks were not thrilled with the move to a more iMovie like interface but in truth if it does what I need it to do without too much complication I really don't care.  There is also talk that importing projects from older versions of Final Cut is buggy to simply not working. I'm not really shocked given the level of rewriting. There will likely be an update in a few days to deal with that issue. Or folks, myself included, will just use our previous versions of Final Cut to finish those projects and start fresh with a new project and the new software.

On the plus side is the price ($400 for all three versus the old full price of $1000) and the integration of Color and Soundtrack into the Final Cut program.

I'm downloading it as I 'speak' and hope to have lots of time to sort out the new style and features. I'll post more as I can. Including if I hear any words from any studios using the software for their next big thing.

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