Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Terra Nova Cancelled but not out of the game

Okay I don't do this often but Fox has announced that they are not renewing Terra Nova. This is despite revealing that the show actually did pay for itself during the season (unlike their baby Fringe which has been losing money all season if not also last season).

That said, there is a ray of hope. 20th Century Fox has said they are pitching the show to other networks. They want to find a new hope for Terra Nova and fans can help this effort by sending feedback asking for a pickup. Now the studio hasn't revealed who they are talking to but that shouldn't efforts. Just think smart and go with places that make sense. Like Syfy, even Starz or HBO or heck Netflix. Be nutty and go for the majors as well. It wouldn't be the first time that someone like NBC picked up a show someone else rejected. Personally I think Syfy is the best choice, Terra Nova isn't far off their family focused Merlin pick up.

Keep the notes positive and full of love for the show. And since them right off before the cast etc contracts have a chance to expire and folks get other jobs. It would suck to lose a good little adventure because O'Mara went and booked a sequel to "One for the Money" (a movie that basically sucked except for him).

Oh and it wouldn't hurt to get the studio some love as well. Let them know to keep up the efforts. Even if it means producing more episodes and selling them straight to viewers on sources like iTunes. I know I've  sent my notes.

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