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Destiny (Revenge)

"Destiny" (201)
Air Date: Sept 30, 2012

We open on a nighttime search and rescue finding The Amanda with a male body (face not shown) on board. The presumption would be that it's Jack but after last season, it's very likely that it is in fact not. But we won't know for some time. Then again, after last year's double move not showing us it is Jack to make us think it is not Jack when it is in fact him would be right up the producer's twisted little alley

Our tale comes around full circle with Emily/Amanda returning to the Hamptons,  after a brief time back in Japan,  just a week before Memorial Day. Faux Amanda is just shy of giving birth. Jack is having a crisis with the Stowaway. Nolan, claiming bad vibes, is selling his house and has taken up boxing and self defense. He ends up staying with Emily at the beach house. Charlotte, having survived her attempted suicide, is about to be released from inpatient rehab. Daniel and Ashley have hooked up and Ashley is quite enjoying her role as the new lady of the house. And Conrad is trying to get his hands on Daniel's trust and his money from his mother. 

Emily is determined to find out what really happened to her mother. While in Japan she had a memory of visiting her mother in the hospital. That memory leads Emily and Nolan to the hospital which had been bought and shut down by a mystery investment group just after David Clark was arrested. From a listing on the visitor's log that Emily matches to Victoria's handwriting and the video that Nolan had uncovered, Emily believes that Victoria may have moved her mother to another location for safety. But with Victoria gone, Emily has to get back into the game to find out any more information. 

Charlotte is attending her family's annual Memorial Day party under the supervision of her doctor, an arrangement Conrad seems less than excited about. At the party, the doctor receives a call with the results of Charlotte's blood work, which shows she has been using. She freaks out and before she's dragged away she run to Emily and whispers something to her. That something is the location of a cabin, where Victoria is still very much alive. Victoria tries to call Charlotte only to have the phone discovered by her doctor, presumably on Conrad's payroll. Victoria reveals that the government is hiding her and, although not said, it would appear that all the evidence wasn't destroyed either. Victoria insisted that her daughter be told the truth and no one else (perhaps believing that Daniel would betray her to Conrad). Conrad, it seems, is trying to get Charlotte's money by having her committed or such. 

Emily drops a word of concern in Jack's ear causing him to question of Amanda's baby is his. She agrees to a paternity test to set his mind at ease. Emily returns to Victoria under the guise of bringing her some background on Charlotte's doctor to help Victoria get her daughter released, but really it was to bug the cabin with one of Nolan's wireless cams. Through the camera they discover that Victoria is in contact with Mr White Hair and is sending him to eliminate 'the liability' which is presumably Emily. She's actually happy about it. 

So basically it's a new summer but the same games. The same delicious games. Emily's obsessed behavior, her clean intellect etc just reeks of her being some kind of psycho/sociopath. She even has the traumatic childhood and possible mentally ill parent to go with it. And she's even got the whole dominate personality using a submissive personality as her helper down cold (Poor Nolan). I can't help but wonder what the BAU would make of Miss Emily "Amanda Clark" Thorne. 

Thumbs up on this one. But I'd also watch your backs. 

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