Monday, January 21, 2013

Episode "Lie With Me" (102)
Original Air Date: Jan 21, 2013
Network: The CW

The adventures of the teenaged Carrie Bradshaw continue chockful of typical teen fare. Carrie works to repair things with her younger sister while trying to deal with the angst of crushing on a guy that has the IT girl of the school targeting him. Despite Donna's attempts, Sebastian claims he interested only in Carrie. But in typical teen girl form (at least the TV version) Carrie isn't so sure and plots to find a way to spend more time with the man of her teenage dreams. 

But things get complicated when Carrie's alternate life as New York City Girl comes calling. Larissa's photo shoot gets bumped up and Carrie ditches out on her internship to make it happen. Larissa continues her role as Carrie's glamor mentor in her "hero's journey" with advice like 'fake it until you make it' and a one of kind Dior silk scarf that Carrie gives to the dowdy lawyer claiming she was late back from her errands because she bought it for the lawyer's date. A ploy that surprising works. 

Meanwhile, Mags continues to deal with Walt's hesitation, Walt still can't admit that he might be gay and Mouse, after seeing Donna making another move on Sebastian, encourages Carrie to make her move. Which leads Carrie to ditch her sister to hang out with Sebastian on the sly. Only to get caught by Dad who isn't too keen that she lied, that she ditched baby sister or the guy in question. 

All in all its the same complicated chaos of the standard teen drama and 'sequel' show Sex and the City. The various roles of the latter show are even starting to really show themselves with Mags playing the early "Samantha", Mouse as a prototype "Charlotte", Sebastian as the early "Big", "Aidan" etc. Walt could be a teenage "Stanford" (if he ever figures out that he's gay) Even Baby Sister Dorrit fits into the game with her "So lame" harkening "Miranda" and the famous "he's just not that into you" line.

While the voiceovers continue to fit well with the older voice, many of the nervous mannerisms are showing and the fashion still works one thing that bothered me was the music. While I was put off a bit by the more modern remakes of some of the songs used in the pilot (particularly when the original was played only minutes later) I found the use of period music to be a great auditory reminder that this show doesn't take place now but rather almost a full 30 years in the past in another era. Other than the final scene, there are no songs in this episode, just score music and I found that a bit jarring. Perhaps if they had been some of those period songs but just in instrumental form it wouldn't have stood out so much. But I found that even with Pilot being perhaps some overkill in that department, I missed the songs once they were gone. 

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