Monday, March 29, 2010

Nurse Jackie "Twitter" (202)

Nurse Jackie
“Twitter” (Ep 202)
Sam starts asking questions when O’Hara has a night on the town. Coop and Jackie continue to have problems and God gets attacked.
Original Air Date: Monday, March 29, 2010

It’s another zany time at good ol’ All Saints. Let’s take a moment to hit the highlights.

First off, Grace’s anxiety issues resurface big time when its revealed that she’s going around at night unplugging things so they don’t start a house fire. She also pulls out an ad for a smoke and carbon monoxide detector along with her allowance money. This prompts Jackie to get a referral for a child psychiatrist. I really must pause for a moment to applaud young Ruby,  she is awesome. Even grown up actors sometimes fail to play such moments totally straight and honest, and she nails it every time. And she’s only like 12. Imagine how great she’ll be in 10 years. Okay digression over.

Then O’Hara turns up still totally buzzed after a night on the town. So much so that, ghastly, she’s eating a hot dog. Yeah, she’s wasted. Still it’s pretty funny when Zoe turns up in a cab a la Walk of Shame. Unfortunately it leads to some questions by Rehab Sam who could spell trouble with his suspicions of Jackie. 

Resident mental case God from the building across the street gets a whack to the head and a dose of his meds. Well meaning Zoe helps God to figure out he’s not God which causes a freak out and Zoe’s solution is to convince the man he’s ‘like the brother in law of God’ and the yelling resumes. Okay I admit it, I like the guy too. In a totally weird way. Oh and that man child who is so hot, I’m putting down money that Zoe has a crush on clueless Coop. Who wouldn’t. 

The tale of Thor the diabetic nurse continues when Jackie clues in that he’s got a fake eye. And catches him eating donuts. I'm torn over this one. Thor was totally one note last season and this reeks of trying to flesh him out now that Momo is gone. And perhaps to respond to comments about Thor’s constant goofy look (due to the unmoving fake eye which gave him a ‘lazy eye’ look). I’m all for the diabetic comment from last week cause it fit the moment, but I hope they don’t drag it on and all like this all season. Otherwise  he's just going from the one note of "I'm totally in love with Momo and he can't see it" to the one note of "I'm the token diabetic"

Eddie turns up back at the ball and boy oh boy he and Kevin are moving fast into the bromance. Jackie will not be happy when she finds out. 

And speaking of Jackie. She and Coop hit a conflict this week over the care of a young patient. Jackie is a total jerk to Coop and frankly I wish he’d given it to her. She deserved his ‘bitchy nurse’ twitter straight up. Despite what she said to him last season, she doesn’t seem to believe he’s a good doctor. Or she can’t just accept that his odd quirks and ADHDness are part of him, like Thor’s fake eye and such. Then she totally steps into it when she nags a tech for prelim results that turn out to be a false negative. Finally Coop gives her a little and although Jackie doesn’t actually say she knows she screwed up, she does ask to be the one to call the parents which is a small mea culpa. 

It’s one step forward, two back in some ways. This show is a total train wreck but like the ones in real life, something in me can’t help but slow down and take a look.


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