Monday, April 26, 2010

Nurse Jackie "Title" (112)

Nurse Jackie
“Bleeding” (Ep 206)
Jackie asks Eddie to stop spending time with Kevin.
Original Air Date: Monday, April 26, 2010

Oh Jackie you are getting yourself in deep. What is it Dear Will says about tangled webs and deceit.

We kick off with a post romp coffee talk. Jackie catches herself talking about the family and puts an ixnay on Kevin and the Kids as allowed topics between her and Eddie. She also tells Eddie to cut his bro-ship with Kevin but he deflects the topic with an offer to hook Jackie up with a fix. Which she refuses saying she’s there for him, not the drugs.

Jackie returns home to find Kevin popping popcorn for the movies Jackie forgot to pick up. Katlin is sleeping over and being a real turd to Fiona, tripping her, calling her retarded for wanting an arm cast for her birthday, attempting to flick her in the head. Basic acting out by a kid that doesn’t have the best home life (or so Kevin says, which begs the question what and how does he know)
Morning finds Jackie on her way to work when she nearly gags on her coffee at the site of one of Coops “Face of All Saints” posters on a bus stop. Just wait until they start the radio ads, a la Kaiser. Coop will put Ms Janney to shame. LOL.

Zoe’s being a total pill yelling at folks over an arriving trauma. Our first winning patient of the day is a female, possibly suicidal, ex marine with a ruptured spleen from motorcycle accident. On the plus side, the motorcycle chick’s arrival leaves The Face of All Saints to have to assist a guy that literally can’t wipe his own ass.

And behind door number two on the patient list is a guy hit by an very expensive arrow shot by a very drunk rich guy. To really make it stink, the arrow hits the lung the guy waited 3 years to just get. Then the rich guy not only gets off but he sends his driver in to get back the arrow. Mr Driver, who openly admits his boss it a total dick, stands by while Jackie uses the arrow to mutilate Richie Rich’s very very expensive car with said very expensive arrow.

On the more personal side, a neophyte drug rep unknowingly becomes Jackie’s new dealer. O’Hara’s girl arrives in town, making Jackie a bit of a third wheel. Zoe is not pregnant. The Face nightmare gets worse when Akalitus is found putting up more or less lifesize cut outs of Coop around the hospital and pointedly telling Jackie not to try any cute tricks as they are very expensive. Not that this stops an unknown party from writing “He grabs boobs” on one of them (Coops face is priceless). And of course Eddie makes another date with Kevin.

Yep it is just another day in the Absurdist Neighborhood. May it never be normal.


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