Monday, May 3, 2010

Nurse Jackie "Silly String" (207)

Nurse Jackie
“Silly String” (Ep 207)
Jackie reconsiders her affair with Eddie. Coop insults the hospital’s biggest donor.
Original Air Date: Monday, May 3, 2010

The day starts off grand. Fiona and Grace are playing chase around the house while Jackie and Kevin clean up from Fiona’s birthday party before Jackie, O’Hara and girlfriend Sarah leave for the hospital. The game goes sour when Grace accidentally hits Fiona in the mouth splitting her lip. Grace has a total anxiety freak out, while Fiona acts like it's no big deal. Kevin jumps to take Fiona to the local Urgent Care but Jackie conveniently has the supplies for O’Hara to do the stitches right there.

Jackie starts to suspect that Sarah is cheating on O’Hara, who doesn’t seem totally phased by the whole thing, passing it off as just the way they are. It is rather interesting to see Jackie all indignant over someone cheating when she has been passing herself off as a single woman and cheating on Kevin. 

Gloria’s butt kissing goes into serious overdrive when THE patron of the hospital is brought in after a fainting spell.  Unfortunately things run afoul of Coop and his ego issues and he gets a dressing down from the old lady. Which leads to a double handed boob grab. Mrs Money vows to the shocked admin that the money for the ER would be nothing. Jackie comes to Coop’s rescue defending him over having never grabbed a patient and vows to fix things. However they don’t get a chance when Mrs Money codes and dies, hopefully before making any calls to cut off the hospital’s endowment. 

On the homefront,  Jackie cuts off Eddie saying she needs time to sort things out. Then gets into a fight with Kevin who is pissed that Jackie never listens to him and his feelings about anything, expects him to do whatever she wants and being the one that makes Grace a nervous wreak etc. She bites his head off over being the breadwinner of the family doing all the work while he is ‘just a bartender’ and he storms out of their bedroom. To her credit when Jackie slips out of the house, she doesn’t go to Eddies but rather to a local 24/7 for coffee and pie. 

Can this web get any stickier? Yep and it probably will. Just how sticky is the fun of it. Demented though that is.


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