Monday, January 17, 2011

Golden Globes Recap and Thoughts

Last night was the presentation and broadcast of the 68th Annual Golden Globes.

The Globes, which recognize excellence in film and television, are awarded by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association rather than peer vote. And while the presentation is much more casual with the presenters, nominees and loved ones sharing a banquet dinner before the show and vast parties after, the award itself is very highly esteemed. In part because it is more impartial. In fact that impartiality and casualness is part of why I place the Globes on the top of my list of awards. Which is not to say that I don't enjoy the Oscars, Emmys etc, but they are more of a giant group pat on the back in my book (however it is a nice pat particularly considering the company one is standing in). 

Last night's broadcast was a high and miss in my book. I wasn't shocked by any of the winners although I did on one or two occasions wish the award had gone to another. 

Mostly the misses were with the host. Sorry but I have to get that off my chest. Ricky Gervais was simply not that funny last night. He started off kind of funny but each joke just went THERE. You know that place, the line where a joke becomes tactless and unfunny and bordering on truly offensive. Well he crossed it more often than he did not. And it ruined it for me. Several times I noticed presenters, having just been the butt of his jabs, holding their tongues lest they look bad. I found myself muting my tv and relying on the ever present closed captioning to tell me when you listen to someone else. I sincerely hope Gervais is NOT asked to host again. And I hope the Academy was watching and never puts him on their short list (Jane Lynch on the other hand, now that could be awesome)

But enough of that. Let's talk about the rest of the night. And some of my favorite movies. Taking it from the top. 

First award of the night was Christian Bale as Best Supporting Actor for The Fighter. No shock, no real disappointment. Although I would have been equally happy with Geoffrey Rush in The King's Speech. 

Next up, Katey Sagal for Best TV Drama Actress for Sons of Anarchy. Katey is the woman. I was very very pleased with this one. 

Short commercial break and the Gervais free entrance of the next presenters. Before announcing their award, Julianne Moore and Kevin Spacey had the honor of presenting Miss Golden Globe. Not an award but still an honor,  Miss Golden Globe is the young lady selected (by audition and interview no less) to assist the presenters by bringing out the award for them to give to the winner, escorting the winner off stage etc. Something tells me that it wasn't dumb luck that Moore and Spacey were making this introduction of Miss Gia Mantegna, actress and daughter of Joe Mantegna (who both claim as a friend). 

Gia's short moment in the limelight before returning to her Armani clad yet "invisible" part in the show was poised, classy and just a little quirky. And it was the first of my favorite moments in the show. As was the cut away to the totally grinning proud papa. 

As for the award, Carlos for Best Mini-Series or Made for Television Movie. I'll admit I haven't seen this one but I want to very badly. Not just because it won, but because the Sundance Channel hasn't let me down yet. Though I would have been equally happy with Pillars of the Earth or Temple Grandin winning as I found both intriguing. 

Chris Colfer from Glee took Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role. I can't say I was thrilled with this one. I find Glee to be amusing and fairly entertaining but both Scott Caan and Eric Stonestreet are way better actors in my book with way better characters. Still Chris's reaction and acceptance speech are another favorite moment and his look of utter shock when he realized they said his name was charming. 

Steve Buscemi (Boardwalk Empire) received Best Actor in a Television Series in another of my "I'll be happy with anyone" categories. Seriously, all these men are fabulous. As are all the shows so it is neither a hit nor miss in my book that Boardwalk Empire was named Best TV Drama

I have to admit that I didn't really like any of the nominees so it was a blah for me that "You haven't seen the Last of Me" was named Best Original Song in a Motion Picture. On the other hand, the five scores were all fab with Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross (Social Network) taking the prize for Best Motion Picture Score.

Another fav moment came when Hallie Stanfield and Justin Bieber (did he get a hair cut?) took the stage. It was utterly appropriate to have them presenting next and it was adorable when they simultaneously announced Toy Story 3 as Best Animated Feature Film

Annette Benning took the win as Best Actress in a Motion Picture Comedy or Musical for The Kids Are Alright. Al Pacino followed for Best Actor in a Mini-Series or Made for TV Movie (You Don't Know Jack) with Claire Danes as Best Actress in a Mini Series or Made for TV Movie (Temple Grandin). 

Best Screenplay went to Aaron Sorkin for The Social Network. I'm torn on this one. It is a good movie but honestly I feel like the other four choices were better. I think if I had been the one to chose I would have said The King's Speech. 

Favorite moment number four came with Jane Lynch winning for Best Supporting Actress in a TV Show. She was funny (Ricky were you listening) and very classy in calling out the writers who give her such great material to work with. And for any of you Sue fans out there, if you have never seen her episodes of Criminal Minds as the mentally ill mother of Dr Spencer Reid, wow are you in for a treat. They are amazing. Email me and I'll give you all the episode numbers. Or heck, just watch the whole series. 

I am so used to Edward Cullen that I actually forgot what Robert Pattinson's real voice sounds like. But there he and it were,  co presenting Best Foreign Language Film to In a Better World (Denmark). I don't think any of the five films showed in the US so I can't wait for a DVD release to check them out. I find foreign films to be fascinating in their choice of material, framing etc. 

Best Performance by an Actress in a TV Series Comedy or Musical went to Laura Linney. I was disappointed in this one because I feel Edie Falco is far better. Oh well. On the other hand, who didn't love Kaley's reaction to opening the envelope and finding co-star Jim Parsons named as Best Actor in a TV Series Comedy or Musical. That was fantastic. Also fantastic was the win for Melissa Leo as Best Supporting Actress in a Motion Picture

Robert DeNiro received the Cecil B DeMille Lifetime Achievement Award. 

David Fincher won Best Director for The Social Network

Glee won Best TV Series Comedy or Musical. No shock that I'm not overjoyed, I just don't find it better than Modern Family, Nurse Jackie et al. But it is a huge hit in the press so it got the prize

Paul Giamatti won Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture Comedy or Musical. I haven't seen Barney's Version but I like Giamatti's work so I'm sure it is awesome.

Best Actress in a Motion Picture Drama went to Natalie Portman. I approve 100%. She was amazing. And speaking of amazing, what a hot mama. She looked fabulous. 

Best Motion Picture Comedy or Musical went to The Kids Are All Right

Best Actor in a Motion Picture Drama went to Colin Firth (The King's Speech)

Best Motion Picture went to The Social Network. Another disappointment for me. As I said with Sorkin's win, I didn't find this movie to be better than the other choices. My vote would have been Inception for this one. 

And with that, the Globes end and the count down to the Oscars begins

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