Monday, May 28, 2012

Men In Black III - Haven't seen it, but I will

WARNING: I suck at picking a blog topic and sticking with it. My fiction is much better.

There are two reasons why I am going to see this film:
1. Josh
2. Brolin
That is all.

OK, it's not quite all. But, have you seen the trailer? Brolin's immitation of Tommy Lee Jones looks flawless. Simple fact is, he is an underrated actor. Well, perhaps not totally underrated, but he has been unlucky in that he doesn't achieve the acclaim he deserves. Did you see him in
No Country For Old Men? What about W? I thought he was brilliant in that. Did a wonderful Gearge W. from young through to contemporary. He is a man who can just slip into the skin of another person and be totally convincing.

I first fell in love with him when he portrayed a fictional version of James Butler Hickok in the TV Series The Young Riders (of which I believe still only the first season is available on DVD ... it's something, but, come on!). Yes, I realize it was the character I loved, not the man. But, he has gone on to "wow" me with many fabulous performances since. And so, I would follow him anywhere, when it comes to TV/movie-land (if he ever reads this, that means there is a great responsibility on his shoulders ... I used to feel the same about Brendan Fraser, then he did the Mummy movies).
So, Men In Black III. It's been 10 years in coming ... are you excited?

I feel a bit sorry for Josh. It seems he's tried hard in recent years to pick up his popularity. Milk almost achieved it - but playing a villain is always risky for an actor's charm. Personally, I enjoyed Jonah Hex, but that may have been because I was prepared by all the bad reviews before I got around to seeing it. I do think, however, that it would have benefitted from a higher rating. Is Men In Black III  gonna do it for him? I doubt it. What about a Goonies reunion?

Another movie I will see simply because of who is in it is Battleship. Isn't Alexander Skarsgård  a bit of a hottie? I did love that scene in Generation Kill when he got his kit off. Yum. Made the whole season worth watching. I'm not really into war movies/TV shows on the whole, though, so I wouldn't have watch GK if he hadn't put in such a stellar performance in True Blood. Actually, I admit, I didn't find him especially physically appealing when I first saw him on TB, but when he started getting the chance to steal the show ... OK, I'll stop before this post raises its rating. I guess I just have a thing for real actors.

Coming up from me will be my review of the Night Angel Trilogy by Brent Weeks (I am currently reading the Omnibus as I haven't read the trilogy before). Hopefully I can find one or two things to talk about between now and me finishing that - it's a looong read (enjoyable, though ... I imagine I'll be sad when I finish it. But, then I'll have The Black Prism to re-read before The Blinding Knife comes out).

We love blog interaction. Who's your favourite actor? Who do you put complete faith in that you will enjoy any movie they appear in? (Johnny Depp goes without saying. Not only is he easy on the eye, but he has impeccable taste when it comes to scripts. So, try someone else ...).

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